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Satellite Wines - Vignobles Roux


Olivier Techer is the son of Claire Laval and Dominique Techer, both of them founded Château Gombaude Guillot in Pomerol back in 1983. After working in the catering, Olivier joined the family domaine in 2010 and began practicing the wine-making with his mother’s help.

Wishing to promote other Bordeaux terroirs than Pomerol, some terroirs often underestimated, Olivier creates, in 2016, together with his wife Marine, a distribution company, named Satellite Wines and decides to work with two wine-growers he knows very well.

Bordeaux du Paysan is a partnership between Satellite Wines and the Vignobles Roux for both Red and White. On Paysan, there is no difference in the white and the red in terms of certification: both are organically certified - There is no sulfur at all in the Red, and just a bit in the white - Olivier is acting as a consultant during all the process  "in order to create the cuvées as he imagines them, with their own identities". Satellite Wines is a distribution company but sometimes create "cuvées" with the winemakers they work with. So Bordeaux du Paysan is their main Cuvée, made with Vignobles Roux, at their estate, a beautiful terroir in the Entre-deux-mers.

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